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Landmark Investigators is a Massachusetts based firm specializing in all aspects of business fraud, family matters, adoption, criminal defense, litigation support, and most civil matters.

Family disputes are emotionally charged, but there is no need to go through them alone. Business matters can also hit the owner in the same emotional way as he or she has invested much of themselves into their business. When things go wrong at home or at your business, the outcome must not be left to chance. It is essential that you hire the right investigator to assist you and your Attorney through the legal process and advocate for you and your family’s needs and interests.

At Landmark Investigators, we offer individualized attention and dedicated service to each and every client. An accomplished Investigator will personally take charge of your case and keep you informed and involved in the process every step of the way. We also vehemently guard your privacy and dignity throughout the process. We further take pride in being accessible to our clients. We listen to our clients’ needs, explain what we can and cannot do, and then aggressively pursue the best result possible. Our clients can expect honest communication from us at all times. We believe that it is critical to develop a rapport with our clients that encourages trust, honesty, candor, and communication.

Our goal is to gather the pertinent facts and always communicate in an informed, prompt, and professional manner. Call (617) 941-6100 or request your consultation online today to see how we can help you.

Professional Private Investigations

Landmark Investigators has the experience to solve your most important matters. Landmark will work with your legal team to collect the information you need. Drawing on our experience we design and implement investigative plans tailored to and informed by the client’s legal strategy.

Landmark will find, examine and analyze information, intelligence and raw data to realize its evidentiary potential. We will identify, locate and interview potential witnesses, interview confidential sources for background information, investigate credentials of expert witnesses, trace and locate assets, develop undisclosed links between subjects and retrieve and analyze data files using computer forensic methodology.

Criminal Defense
Litigation Support
Risk Mitigation
Business Fraud

Investigations by the Book

At Landmark Investigators we wrote the book on field investigations for insurance investigators.

After years of surveillance and activity checks on workers comp claimants we found there are legal, ethical and practical ways to perform these investigations with the best interests of the claimant and the insurance company in mind.

Our guide covers claimant interviews, neighborhood canvas, best time to perform investigations, what to say when approached while on surveillance, best places to park undetected. how to follow on foot and many other steps to take to insure the best possible outcome.

With this guide our Investigators and our clients know exactly how we are going to proceed BEFORE any activity is conducted. There are no surprises with a Landmark Investigation.

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